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Beller also known in several popular casinos such as The Virginia and the Right and the New Her pampered contests are palinly visible.

Surfacingbelller movie with similarities to Deliverance, was nudd quite as successful, but Beller was still electric next to co-star Joseph Bottoms. My favorite of her features though is the little seen Touched Filmed on location in Wildwood New Jersey this is a story about two mental patients who run away together in an attempt to live a normal life. Kathleen Beller was at her best when cast in small productions and she starred in some of the best made-for-tv movies from the late s and early s. The following three suspenseful movies showed Beller playing a young woman being terrorized. Are You In the House Alone?

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The film attempts to tackle the topic of teen date rape. While by no means a great movie, it is interesting in that it also co-stars a young Dennis Quaid and Robin Mattson. She plays an artisitic girl who is being followed by a mysterious man in black. Is he trying to kill her or is she going insane? The premise for this one is simple, but it works on every level. Deadly Messages is one I have yet to see, but it sounds promising.

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